VALUE, beyond the obvious
The Company

Given the dynamic nature of the modern business environment, continued success depends on the ability to effectively employ available resources, including technology, to achieve business objectives.

Cogent People, an Information Technology (IT) services provider in the Washington, DC metro area, is founded on the philosophy that a process based approach, which employs traditional solution development fundamentals in conjunction with appropriate use of technology will yield consistent dividends to customers.

Overview and Philosophy
Core Values

It is paramount to us that customers realize a full return on investment from using our services. As evident from our work for current clients, we tenacioulsy work to provide high quality, timely and comprehensive solutions.

The foundation of our core values are built on a commitment to providing VALUE, beyond the obvious.

Our core values are based on the following fundamentals:



    Commitment to excellence

    Attention to Detail

Core Competencies

We specialize in providing Information Technology (IT) and business consulting services for government and commercial agencies. Our core competencies include a broad spectrum of services, including

    Project Management

    Software Engineering

    Process Improvement

    Business Process Reengineering

    Proposal Development